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domenica 30 agosto 2009

Our cast for the Wheel of Time movie! - by Amylaine Sedai & Silma Kemi

Rand al'Thor - Chase Crawford / Chris Hemsworth

Matrim Cauthon - Garrett Hedlund

Perrin Aybara - Emile Hirsch / Paul Telfer

Moiraine Damodred - Rachel Weisz

Lan Mandragoran - Clive Owen / Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Egwene al'Vere - Kristin Kreuk / Ellen Page 

Nynaeve al'Meara - Evangeline Lilly / Natalie Portman

Elayne Trakand - Tamsin Egerton

Aviendha - Milla Jovovich / Tabrett Bethell

Min Farshaw - Rachel Leigh Cook

Faile Bashere - Camilla Belle / Angela Sarafyan

Birgitte Silverbow - Katee Sackhoff / Lucy Lawless

Siuan Sanche - Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Gareth Bryne - Tom Selleck

Logain Ablar - Hugh Jackman

Mazrim Taim - Jason Isaacs / Stuart Townsend

Gawyn Trakand - Paul Walker / Chad Michael Murray

Galad Damodred - Travis Fimmel

Morgase Trakand - Connie Nielsen / Nicole Kidman

Thom Merrilin - Sam Elliott

Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron - Scarlett Johansson

Verin Mathwin - Kathy Bates

Alanna Mosvani - Rosario Dawson

Cadsuane Melaidhrin - Meryl Streep / Carrie Ann Moss

Leane Sharif - Indira Varma

Elaida do Avriny a'Rohian - Marcia Cross

Alviarin Freidhen - Joan Allen

Sheriam Bayanar - Polly Walker

Liandrin - Melissa George

Romanda Cassin - Julie Christie

Lelaine Akashi - Maggie Siff

Adeleas and Vandene Namelle - Helen Mirren

Kiruna Nachiman - Jaime Murray

Myrelle Berengari - Eva Mendes

Amys - Sharon Stone

Sorilea - Judi Dench

Bair - Vanessa Redgrave

Melaine - Christina Hendricks

Sulin - Charlotte Rampling

Rhuarc - Kevin McKidd

Gaul - Paul Bettany

Tylin Quintara - Sela Ward / Susan Sarandon

Colavaere Saighan - Cate Blanchett

Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag - Caroline Chikezie / Kandyse McClure

Egeanin - Lucy Lawless

Davram Bashere - Gary Oldman / Liam Neeson

Bayle Domon - John Rhys Davies

Lini - Eileen Atkins

Tam al'Thor - Dennis Quaid

Abell Cauthon - Bruce Willis

Loial - Robbie Coltrane / Jorge Garcia

Elder Haman - Brian Blessed

Aram - Ian Somerhalder

Martyn Tallanvor - Michael McLaffery

Valan Luca - Taylor Kitsch

Beslan - Ben Barnes

Caraline Damodred - Katie McGrath

Darlin Sisnera - Ralph Fiennes

Talmanes Delovinde - Bryan Dick

Estean Andiama - Russell Tovey

Bertain Gallenne - John Simm

Reanne Corly - Lynn Redgrave

Uno Nomesta - Denny Trejo


Basel Gill - Kevin Mcnally

Chel Vanin - John Goodman

Amathera - Olga Kurylenko

Elyas Machera - Jeff Bridges

Hadnan Kadere - Joaquin Phoenix

Mili Skane / Lady Shiaine Avarhin - Natalie Dormer

Daved Hanlon - David Tennant

Weiramon Saniago - Tim Curry

Pedron Niall - Peter O'toole   

Geofram Bornhald - Donald Sutherland

Dain Bornhald - Harry Lloyd

Jaichim Carridin - Julian McMahon

Rhadam Asunawa - Christopher Lee

Jareth Byar - Christian Bale

Eamon Valda - Oscar Isaac

Jahar Narishma - Taylor Lautner

Peral Torval - Hans Matheson

Damer Flinn - Patrick Stewart

Eben Hopwil - Eddie Redmayne

Fedwin Morr - Andrew Simpson

Jonan Adley - Robert Sheehan

Karldin Manfor - Bradley James

Charl Gedwyn - Henry Cavill

Osan'gar / Corlan Dashiva - Edward Norton / Kevin Spacey

Manel Rochaid - Gaspard Ulliel

Raefar Kisman - James Nola

Herid Fel - Jonathan Pryce

Padan Fain - Steve Buscemi / Mackenzie Crook

Lews Therin Telamon - Daniel Craig

Ishamael - Rufus Sewell

Lanfear - Angelina Jolie

Asmodean - Johnny Depp

Sammael - Brad Pitt

Graendal - Elena Anaya

Semirhage - Halle Berry

Aginor - Clint Eastwood 

Balthamel - Matthew Mcgonaughey

Be'lal - John Malkovich

Rahvin - Pierce Brosnan

Demandred - Shane Brolly

Moghedien - Helena Bonham Carter

Mesaana - Rachel McAdams

Moridin - Jude Law / Wentworth Miller

Aran'gar - Megan Fox


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  2. As you know i'm agree for most of the actors, since i helped you to find them, but as also you know i'm not agree for some, here they are:
    Mel as Lan 'cos now he's too old, otherwise he would be perfect; i'm not enthusiast of Faile but now i don't know who she can play her; Bruce as Gareth absolutely not 'cos he's not enough serious, Bruce has this malicious smile and eyes that's not agree with Gareth; Jason as Taim no, no, no!Taim is about 35-37 years and even if Jason is not very old, Taim should be looks like younger; Gawyn...don't know; Galad OMG no!! Sharon as Amys don't like too much, she should be older; as Tylin i'd prefer Demi Moore, even if this woman is not so bad; Lucy Lawless can be good for Egeanin and Birgitte as well; and last, Matthew as Balthamel is ok, since we don't know his face, i hate that guy, better if he's masked LOL

  3. Tom Selleck is perfect! I've always imaged Gareth as him!

  4. This Aram is better than the other!
    And i like Gaul!
    I don't like Moridin, he should be darker and more handsome and with blue eyes.

  5. I'm glad you like Gaul and the new Aram! ;)
    Reguarding Moridin: I shall have to see.. Before judging, I will have to meet him in the books, and then change the actor if I don't like him anymore..
    Anyway if you find a better guy, just tell me! ;)
    Ah, I've changed Chase Crawford and Anthony Michael Hall's photos: I think those are better than the others..
    Another change: Daniel Day Lewis as Lan, I think he is ok, since Mel and Kevin Sorbo are too old IMHO.
    A new entry: Jaime Murray as Kiruna!
    We have to find Aran'gar, Osan'gar and Berelaine!
    We will complete this cast, it's our mission! LOL

  6. Other changes: Emile Hirsh as Perrin!
    News: Eva Mendes as Myrelle, Christina Hendricks as Melaine, Kevin Mcnally as Basel Gill and Mel Gibson as Elyas Machera..
    I think that since Mel is too old for Lan, maybe he would fit Elyas.
    He looks like a Wolfbrother as William Wallace :P
    I'm still searching for the perfect Moiraine... :(

  7. Don't know...still don't like some of them, but i already said it. Don't like Lan, Daniel is a great actor but with a too crazy face for Lan.
    I say Fail should be Angela you know and Tuon i think Lauryn is too old for her. I prefer "old" Perrin, this one has a good face but not the right body and Myrelle don't know...

  8. The new Perrin can go to the gym LOL
    Added Christopher Lee as Rhadam Asunawa.. This time I know you agree ;)

  9. I've made a few changes (again!) lol
    I edited Liandrin's actress: I think Ali Larter is better than Melissa George 'cause she really has a bitch face..
    I also changed Pedron Niall with Ian Mckellen and put Donald Sutherland to play Bornhald Senior and Jeremy Irons as Carridin..
    New entries: Charlotte Rampling as Sulin, Christopher Eccleston as Bornhald Jr, Christian Bale as Jareth Byar.
    Ah, I think Clint Eastwood could play Aginor better than Jack Nicholson because he doesn't need the make up at all LOL

  10. Well, nether Jack! How could u do it??? Jack is Aginor!!!
    Don't like Liandrin, she doesn't have the full lips. Donald as Bornhald Senior don't know, i thought he was much younger and Carridin too.
    I remember Jareth Byar was ugly and if it so Christian Bale can't do it, no no!!

  11. Yes, Jack would be perfect some years ago, but now he is fat..
    Aginor is skinny, so I think Clint Eastwood is better..
    Liandrin I don't know.. Yesterday I was googling photo of Melissa George and she looks like Ilary Blasi.. O_O
    The full lips can be made with lipstick.. XD

  12. I've seen this casting as Thom several places. My biggest problem with it is that Sam Elliot can't drop his cowboy accent.

  13. I don't know his cowboy accent, but i suppose actors can learn how to speak LOL

    Amy you forgot to add Lucy Lawless as Birgitte and Kevin Sorbo as Lan. Lo so che è vecchio, ma tanto a parte Clive gli altri so tutti anziani LOL

  14. Tamsin Egerton as Berelain?

  15. Mmh but she's blonde. Berelain has black hair I think..
    She makes me think of Elayne though. Blonde and pretty, the only problem is that she has green eyes while Elayne's are blue.
    But I like her. What do you think Sam?

  16. Yes, better idea. She could wear a wig or dye, but I like her better as Elayne. Good call.

  17. She could always wear contacts as Elayne if eye colour was an issue.

  18. Also, prefer Lindsay Duncan as Cadsuane. Here she is as Maggie Thatcher
    What do you think?

  19. Sorry for my late answer, I was busy with school LOL
    Anyway.. I really like your Cadsuane!
    Especially in the photo you linked, she has that typical Aes Sedai expression, good choice!
    The only problem in choosing Aes Sedai is that they have to be ageless, even though I - but I think lots of Wot fans as well - imagine them to be old if they have white or grey hair XD
    It's hard to imagine a white-haired woman with a flawless face LOL
    I wonder how they are going to achieve the ageless look.. Maybe they will cast 50-60 years old actresses that with a touch of make-up will look at least 10 years younger.
    For istance, she is the 'young' ageless Cadsuane some cast lists proposed
    Personally I don't know what to think LOL
    I prefer Lindsay Duncan or Meryl Streep, but Carrie Ann Moss fits better the description of ageless features RJ gave us..

  20. Know what you mean about thinking of them as old. I think the "young" Cadsuane just looks wrong, but it makes sense with the books.
    I reckon in the films they'll just cast old actresses but made-up to be sort of "ageless" looking.

  21. Also, sorry about the late reply, was in Austria.
    This may sound strange, but I think Alan Rickman should also be in it somewhere, but not sure where! Possibly one of the Forsaken, but probably a bit old for that now. Any ideas?

  22. Mmh don't know.. Maybe Demandred?
    Or a Whitecloak..
    What do you think?

  23. Hmmm... I like your Demandred, and I always thought of the Forsaken as looking young (except Aginor) but a Whitecloak might be a good idea....Valda maybe...thanks

  24. Also, while he is one of my favorite actors, isnt Chris Eccleston a bit old for Dain Bornhald these days?
    Just a thought...agree?

  25. Yes you're right, that picture is old I suppose..
    Any other suggestion for Dain?

  26. Possibly Harry Lloyd? Here he is in Doctor Who
    and in Robin Hood

    or Christian Cooke

    or James Franco

    Take your pick!!!
    Tell me what you think

  27. By the way, I much prefer your Valda to Alan Rickman. Good call!

  28. I am also building up my dream cast for WOT and some of the actors you mention, I agree completely (e.g.: Cadsuane, Verin, Johnny Depp for Asmodean) and others have given me inspiration where I was stumped (i.e. Stuart Townsend for Mazrim Taim and Susan Sarandon for Tylin)! So thanks for your post! I have no idea who could play Mesaana either... all I know is that she has blue eyes...

    I will post my dream cast on my blog when I'm ready, too (not sure when!) and I would love to hear your opinion! :)

  29. Hey guys, sorry for replying lately again, I was on vacation :P

    @Sam: for Dain I like very much Harry Lloyd, don't know why, he just seems right as a Whitecloak.. Besides we know little about Dain's physical appearance: I checked on encyclopeadia Wot and all it says is that he has a narrow face.. So I'm ok with Lloyd, I'll change him. Thank you very much for the suggestions Sam, and for following this cast ;)

    @Athena: I'm glad you found inspiration here :) Hey, don't forget to link me your dream cast when it's ready, I'm very curious! :P

    For Mesaana.. I was thinking about Rachel McAdams. I saw her in Sherlock Holmes recently, and I thought that she could be a good Mesaana..

    What do you guys think?

    Ah, I've also found another Moridin, younger than Jude Law. I'll post him. Let me know what you think ;)

    Now, a lol-thing XD

    Moir and Rand together! ** They seem to be getting on well lol
    I'm so happy when actors of my cast meet each other XD

    Last thing XD Do you have facebook?
    If you do, please can you join the page I created to support Rachel Weisz as Moiraine? :P!/pages/Vote-Rachel-Weisz-as-Moiraine-Damodred/107984145910266

    Ah and that of my friend also: Garrett Hedlund as Mat

    Thank you! ;)

  30. meryl steep for cadsuanne is just perfect :D

  31. This is copied and pasted from another site where I posted it, so it may not make sense
    ( is that site)

    I think you need to compare notes with this guy:
    Sam Elliot plays too much of a cowboy for Thom IMO, but Christopher Lloyd would be a perfect candidate. Overall Sam Elliot may have the looks, but his deep voice and cowboy like act turns me off.

    I definitely agree with your pick for Mat, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be perfect.

    My pick for Tam Al Thor would be Liam Neeson. He is a closet bad-ass that Jordan portrays Tam as but also has the fatherly look and act that works perfect for Tam.

    Another list is:

    Although there are too many A list actors there for a conceivable budget for an actual movie. Also, audiences who had not read the book would be confused on who is the actual main character.

    Although, honestly, the Wheel of Time as a movie is almost inconceivable for me. Book to movie track records being so shit (taking away from story, adding to story, etc) and the shear breadth of the Wheel of Time will make the budget for it insane not to mention it will have to cover AT LEAST 8 movies, which is insane and would take 6+ years to film and 8 years to release. We do not have the luxury of a strict time line like Harry Potter (1 year per book) to make it easy on the movie for actors aging, etc. As much as I would like to see a live action movie of the Wheel of Time, I do not think a high quality one will every come about. The best way to go about it would be via animation, styled like the old Gundam show was, etc. Easier to release episodically, voice actors can do other things besides living the Wheel of Time for 6+ years, and easier on the budget, special effects for any WoT movie will have to be insane.

  32. Of any of the lists that I saw, Sam Elliot and David Caruso were the worst picks, no harm intended. Christopher Lloyd would be a much better choice for Thom. I cannot see Elliot telling stories in a flowery chant as I could Lloyd.

  33. Sorry, I don't like Christopher Lloyd as Thom, I respect your opinion though.
    And I agree that making a film of WoT without disappointing us fans is a nearly impossible task, too many parts of the stories would be cut, too many characters; probably even the EOTW plotline would be changed drastically, and we all know that EOTW has a simple plotline compared to those of books from 4 on. I really don't want to think of what they might do to this amazing story, but at the same time I'm excited that WoT will hit the big screen. I don't know, I'm torn between wanting to see my heroes on the screen and fear of the final product. I'm terrified of the actors they will chose. But we have to think of the advantages of a movie: WoT will surely gain countless more readers!

  34. I would agree with Jacob about Sam Elliot, but I don't like Christopher Lloyd for Thom either; this might just be my patriotism talking, but I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest Bill Nighy; I've always liked him as as Thom, although he doesn't look right in any of the pictures when I googled him, I think you'll have to have seen him in something to understand. Tell me what you think anyway!

  35. BTW, love all of your new additions; don't know how, but you virtually always seem to get it exactly right!

  36. Thank you Sam ;)

    As for Bill Nighy, I don't know, I should see him with mustaches and beard to decide. It's just that I like Sam Elliott so much for Thom! Someone - don't remember who - said that he can't drop his cowboy accent.. I mean, come on, he could always learn how to speak in right english/american, if I can drop my roman accent and speak in correct italian, he can too!

  37. Ah guys, we need a Cyndane! I have no idea who could play her though..
    Any ideas?
    We need a short, pale haired and blue eyed young woman with an 'impressive bosom'...

  38. Hmmm. No brilliant ideas, the only short actress I can think of (at the moment) is Natalie Portman. I know her eyes/hair are completely wrong, but she's dyed blond for more than one film in the past (V for Vendetta, The Other Boleyn Girl etc.)
    Let you know if I have any other ideas

  39. Brainwave!
    How about Kristen Bell; Blonde, blue eyes, 5'1", even the "low, breathy voice" that Cyndane has according to Encyclopaedia WoT. Plus, we know from Heroes that she can actaully act as well, and do villains. What do you think?

  40. btw sorry it took me so long to join those FB groups; I completely forgot!

  41. Mmh Kristen Bell is not a bad choice actually, though there are some photos in which I like and others in which I don't. I suppose partly it's because I don't have a clear image of how Cyndane should look like in my head..

    Ah thanks for joining the fb groups! ;D
    Can I ask you friendship?

  42. I was thinking about who should play Sevanna.. What do you think of Cameron Diaz?
    She's blond, blue-eyed and has the right age. There's a twist to her mouth sometimes when she smiles that makes me think of Sevanna and her 'greedy mouth', as RJ said.
    What do you think?

  43. Sure! What's your name and I'll add you. Mine as you know is Sam Tobenhouse.

  44. Not sure I like Cameron Diaz as Sevanna. I don't think she has the necessary presence, and I always imagined Sevanna as being sort of middle-aged; I know Cameron is almost middle-aged now but she's done her best not to look like it. However, that may just be the fact that I don't really like Cameron Diaz as an actor, and I suppose it does make sense with the description from RJ, so good idea. After all, everyone imagines the characters differently.

  45. Added you :)

    As for Cameron Diaz. I saw her on a cast list some time ago as Sevanna, and my first reaction was 'OMG absolutely no!' but later I don't know what happened, I sort of forced the image of Cameron-Sevanna in my head. Guess it happened because I couldn't find any other choice lol

    Same for Rachel Weisz. I started with 'why the hell all people always cast her as Moiraine FTW?!?!' and now I'm obsessed with her ahahah I love her almost as much as I love Moiraine, and that's saying something lol I think sometimes using compulsion on myself is quite dangerous! Don't ever try Sam XD

    Mmmh all in all, I think I'll add Cameron Diaz to the cast until I find someone else I like more. I did the same for Gary Oldman as Bashere. We (my friend and I) wanted him to join the cast, but didn't find a character to fit him, and so we put him as Bashere 'cause he has the right age, the mustaches etc etc. but Gary is not at all like I imagine Davram in my head and I'll change him as soon as I find someone else.

  46. Hehehe, I always liked Rachel Weisz, but that may just be patriotism; I tend to like most British actors for some reason, probably because the Americans always cast us as villains. I agree about Gary Oldman; I think he's a great actor, but like Chris Eccleston I can't think of any characters that he fits. I always imagined Bashere differently; something like Dominic West....oh wait, I'm doing it again

  47. Seriously though, I know Dominic West is all wrong for Bashere; much too young.

  48. Anthony Hopkins? Seriously, I can back this one up; I just won't need to if you've ever seen The Silence of the Lambs. He's just a great actor, often very understated but still effective. If you've seen him you'll understand.

    Also, I notice that while you've done most of the other minor characters, you haven't started casting the Band as yet; any particular reason

  49. I still haven't casted the Band because I haven't found the actors lol
    For istance Talmanes and Nalesean.. I'm not even sure of how I imagine them ahah
    Mmmh maybe Nalesean could be Tom Wisdom... I don't know why, but I don't imagine him with the typical Tairen beard.

    As for Bashere, I haven't made up my mind about him too. When I think of him I always imagine him very similar to Seamas Gallagher's Gareth Bryne lol just with brown hair and without beard XD

  50. How about Michael Sheen for Talmanes? He's short, and that's about all RJ says about Talmanes by way of physical description. Here are a few pictures;
    What do you think?

  51. Don't know, wasn't he just a few years older than Mat?

  52. *checks book again* So he was! I apologise for my poor memory

  53. Ah the Band, how could i forgot it??? My husband's Band!!
    Anyway, for Mat Gordon Levit(t) can be a good alternative to Garrett, but Garrett is my fav choice, those smiles of him are so...Mat-style lol

  54. When will remove serial based on novels by Jordan?

  55. Hello again! Love the new additions, particularly Eileen Atkins and Johnathan Pryce.
    If you don't mind me pestering you, I have some ideas (admittedly for minor characters);
    Milo Ventimiglia for Carlomin (tall, slender, young, dark hair etc.), Tim Curry for Weiromon (more or less an good match, and his acting style is just right) and Brian Blessed for Elder Haman (the booming voice certainly there!) Tell me what you think!

  56. Also I thought Bill Nighy or Stephen Merchant might be good for Ramshalan. Again, only minor but every little helps!

  57. Hey Sam, it's been a while since I last heard from you! How are you? Ready for ToM? :)

    Tim Curry is perfect for Weiramon! He kinda has the right look to play the fool guy XD

    Brian Blessed for Elder Haman is another really good choice!

    I don't mind Milo Ventimiglia as Carlomin, since I still haven't made up my mind on how he should look :P

    As for Ramshalan, I don't know him, I'm still reading WH (I know, I have to read faster Y______Y), but I checked out his description on encyclopaedia WoT and Steven Merchant is tall and has the big nose, and he doesn't seem too smart for that matter lol
    The only issue is, Ramshalan wears a thin black mustache while Stephen Merchant has fair hair.. Bill Nighy I don't know, I'd give him a bigger role..

  58. What! When you said you had'nt got to TGS I assumed you meant you were rereading them! ToM is almost upon us!
    I'm fine, been a bit busy of late due to work, revision etc.
    Btw, How about Alan Rickman as the voice of Shaidar Haran? Digitally enhanced of course, but they always need something to base it on and I think his voice is almost perfect on its own. What do you reckon?

  59. I hadn't really thought about Shaidar Haran's voice, but Alan Rickman's would be cool indeed!

  60. Been rereading TSR and TFoH recently, and have new ideas for some of the women characters; Madeline Zima or Evan Rachel Wood for Berelain, and Dania Ramirez for Isendre, so let me know what you think.

  61. But Isendre has fair skin.. I'd rather see Dania Ramirez as one of the Sea Folk, maybe she could play Shalon?

    Not sure about Berelain...

  62. Fair enough; tbh I forgot about Isendre's skin colour, I just always kind of imagined her like that, for Berelain I wasn't really sure about them either, just saw you were missing her and suggested a few actresses who fit RJ's description. Also, what with all of these minor characters I've been thinking about recently, I was scanning your list and thinking that you've cast all of the main characters really well...but then it occurred to me that you don't have a Juilin Sandar! Given that this another character where my image of them doesn't really match RJ's, I'm interested to hear your ideas about this character; let me know!

  63. Actually I have no idea. I still haven't found an actor that screams Juilin to me.
    As to what he should look like, maybe like Max Minghella here, only 10-15 years older

    What do you think?

  64. That's more or less how I used to imagine him too (only older obviously, especially the one with the beard) but I've been rereading the early books recently and I (re)discovered that RJ describes him as dark skinned, and I started thinking of black actors who fit, so before long the image of Patterson Joseph-Sandar had made its way into my head; have a look and see what you think

    As for Max Minghella, he seems alright, but too young, so for the sake of completeness here's a picture of David Tennant, who also might be good

  65. TBH I prefer David Tennant but Patterson Joseph may be more like what RJ was thinking of. Thoughts?

  66. I don't know, I just can't imagine Juilin being that... dark! lol
    Mmmh David Tennant is a little Padan Fain-ish and too fair skinned.
    Anyway, if we can make ourselves accept that he's dark XD, Patterson Joseph is a good choice.

  67. Yeah, I suppose. I kind of have trouble imagining it as well, but if that's what's in the book.
    By the way, I know i've been making way too many suggestions recently, especially for these two characters, and I apologise, but I have (mostly) new ideas for Bashere and Berelain, who I know you don't really have any ideas for;
    Liam Neeson for Bashere (I remember someone said him for Tam, but it seems wrong to me) he seems just right for Bashere to me though.
    Here he is with moustache looking a bit like that picture of Bryne you said you wanted him to look like

    and here looking old like Bashere :)

    Also, slightly more controversial, Kaya Scodelario as Berelain; she's young (a bit too young if anything) but other than that perfect in my view

    Let me know!

  68. I like Liam Neeson for Bashere! Especially in the first pic with mustaches! I'll add him later when I return home :D
    Thank you Sam! And don't worry about new suggestions, they're always welcome! ;)
    I need new ideas and new faces :)

    Berelain.. I don't like her, sorry :|
    I'm so hard to satisfy when it comes to casting WoT characters eh? Sorry :P

  69. That's quite alright, its your cast list after all
    Glad you approve of Liam Neeson :)

  70. ;D

    Btw, have you read ToM? If you have, how is it? I've heard quite a lot of people complaining about it and I'm worried :(
    I'm still on WH >_________<

  71. Got it, but my parents won't let me have it till Christmas :(
    Are people complaining? Now i'm worried...

  72. OMG till Christmas? O_O
    I'm sorry for you ç_________ç
    Yes, people are complaining a bit.. I've heard more complaints for ToM than for TGS...
    They say the first part is a bit slow and there are some events that were rushed, as they say, while they should have needed more words.. And they say also the storyline is not right, because Perrin's is behind everyone else and the gap between him and the rest is annoying..
    Let's keep our fingers crossed. I'm worried too :(
    The one thing I'm most relived of is that BS said the chapters in the Tower of Ghenjei were written by RJ himself. Phew! That means Moiraine's character is gonna be alright! I was a little afraid Brandon would screw her up.. :S
    Btw, there are also some people that say ToM is amazing, brilliant, epic etc etc etc, so we'll have to see for ourselves.. ;)

  73. Oh I'm sure it will be fine
    Btw, I have a new idea; Richard Wilson as Halwin Norry, he seems pretty much perfect to me
    Also as an alternative (if you don't like RW), Bill Nighy, because I just love him and he is thinner than RW. What do you think?

  74. Also, as i'm kind of in an old man phase at the moment, what about Noal? (If you haven't encountered him yet then never mind) but I personally like Robert Vaughn for Noal (I know, I think that's one of my first non-British suggestions!) See what you think;

    Here he is in Hustle (with Kiruna in the background XD)

    Let me know!

  75. I like Bill Nighy as Halwyn Norry! He's thin enough I think :P
    For Noal.. not sure, I imagine him with more wrinkles..

  76. Fair enough, everyone imagines them differently after all
    Glad I finally found the right role for Bill Nighy lol
    In the last week I had a few more ideas;

    John Simm for Gallenne(just right I feel);

    Brian Dick for Talmanes(at least this time he's the right age);

    Russell Tovey for Estean (he has just the right features, unlike most actors)

    Let me know :)

  77. Believe it or not, but I like all of them this time! :D
    Really good choices! Thank you very much Sam ;)

  78. Finally! Glad you like them :D
    Btw I love Nathalie Dormer as Shiane; in fact, I don't know how you do it but almost every character in this list(with about 2 exceptions)is pretty much exactly how I imagine them, even the ones which I hated at first are how I think of them now!
    Also, I don't know why, but in response to your post a few months ago, I know what you mean about actors from this list meeting each other; I saw the film Closer the other day, and I was so happy about Nynaeve and Lan being there that I was didn't care that the film made no sense!

  79. Ah, I'm happy you like Shiaine! ;)
    I'm curious: who are the 2 exceptions?

    LOL you know, it's such a satisfation when the actors of this list meet. I feel so proud XD
    Practically almost everyone knows everyone.

    Moir and Rand too *-*

  80. Well, Milla Jovovich is about 35, and Aviendha is supposed to be 19/20, so that's one. As for the other one, it's my mistake; I think Sophie Ellis Bextor is a good choice for Siuan, I included her because in your picture her hair is the wrong colour, but I googled it, found some blonde pictures of her and she looks even more like Siuan!

    Also, I have a new idea, assuming you don't mind me spamming you constantly: how about David Tennant for Hanlon/Mellar? I think he has just the right sort of sharp features, and I think you're right that he looks sort of Darkfriend-ish. Also he has done that sort of part well in the past (even though he is more famous as Dr Who). What do you think?

  81. Oh I agree on Milla Jovovich being too old for Avi, but I couldn't find someone else I like more.. The only issue with Sophie Ellis Bextor is that she's a singer, but maybe she could give a try :P

    As for Hanlon.. Mmmh I hadn't thought on Tennant, but now come to think of it he's not a bad choice at all!

    He is hatchet-faced. (ACoS,Ch35) He has dark, unblinking eyes. (WH,Ch26)

    I think he fits rather well the description. Ididn't see him in Dr Who, but I saw him as Barty Crouch in Harry Potter 4 and he was pretty good as the bad guy.

  82. Well, there are lots of singers who are also actors and vice versa so I should think it would be fine.
    Also, I have a few new ideas:
    Andrea Riseborough for Nicola

    Joe Manganiello for Lamgwin (I suggest him partly because he is absolutely huge, but also a good actor)

    Finally, Marc Warren for the Seeker (you do find out his name in COT, and he is more important)

    Also I have new ideas for Dobraine, but there are several so I'll leave it for another time
    I'll be interested to see what you think :)

  83. Also, glad you approve of DT, it only just occured to me after you said he looked more like Fain; As a massive Dr Who fan I guess I was more used to thinking of him as a hero

  84. I like Lamgwin and the Seeker! (what's his name?)
    I'm going to add them ;)
    Not sure about Nicola, maybe someone a little younger..

  85. Almurat Mor
    For Nicola, in that part she might look older but the actress is mid-twenties, same age as Nicola

  86. Wait my mistake,she's late twenties, but she's played youger characters in the past. Anyway, it's your call. Glad you like the others

  87. Great!! Well? Was it good? :P

  88. Yeah, brilliant! Don't know what people were complaining about tbh. Although it might just be that I haven't read a new one in so long. I won't spoil it by going into details but there were some really great moments. Anyway I thoroughly recommend it when you finally get there!

  89. Hi there!

    On your casting for Jaichim Caridan.. Julian would be soo much better as one of the Forsaken. Amazing 'bad guy but very charming'. :>

  90. Maybe I should consider him as Demandred then ;)
    It's just that I have his face fixed in mind every time I read about Carridin, don't know why...

  91. Who is the Seeker? I don't remember...
    I still see Rhuarc as the first actor we chose, don't remember the name and R.D Jr not as Hurin, he supposed to be an ugly one!
    And i prefer the old pic of Jude Law and Hayden Christensen, they were more similar to the characters.
    I should add Jeff Bridges for Elyas Machera!

  92. Awesome list! I approve of most! :D

    I have always felt that Natalie Portman would be the best Egwene.

    Also Kandyse McClure seems a better choice for Tuon than the first one.

  93. Moraine could be played by Portman, if they gave her make-up so that she would look a lot older, cause portman is real small and so is Moiraine, plus Portman looks queenlike, so deoes Moiraine.

    Also Tuon should be more cute and small, more like Christina Milian but she's a lil bit to pale i think...

  94. Scarlett Johanssen as Berelain?, just dye her hair dark and give her a indecent cleavage and you hhave her!

  95. Nah Rachel Weisz is Moiraine, sorry. She's just more than perfect.

    Scarlett Johansson as Berelain is not a bad idea... Mmmh I like it!

  96. Mads Mikkelson as Elyas.

  97. But Mikkelsen is too young to play Elyas, and it's a pity cause he would be perfect for the part.. Maybe if the WoT movie will be made in 10 years...

  98. This is pretty awesome, you really went into depth with a lot of the more minor characters which is also cool. so many of them I was like, dang that's exactly the way I imagined them too.

  99. I always like Lucy Lawless for Birgitte. Michaela Conlin would make a good Leane, I think. Claudia Black for Faile, if she was younger :/

  100. I'm still looking for a good Cyndane... thought Christina Ricci with bleached hair and contacts; she's the perfect build. Love the addition of Scarlett Jo for Berelain!

  101. Viggo Mortensen as Elyas Machera

  102. Or Sean Connery as Elyas Machera

  103. Goran Visnjic is the only one who fits Demandred...

  104. Scrivere in italiano e un po tropo per me. ;) I picture these faces almost exactly when I'm reading the book. If they actually get cast for parts in the Wheel of Time moviel, it'll be one expensive production. But wow. So many beautiful people... /drool Awesome work, buon lavoro! :D

  105. Here's a few I came up with (I was inspired by your post):

    Taylor Kitsch as Rand
    Eddie Redmayne as Mat
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Egwene
    Leighton Meester as Nynaeve
    Gemma Arterton as Min
    Olivia Wilde as Moiraine
    Mads Mikkelsen as Lan
    Ciaran Hinds as Moridin
    Robert Carlyle as Padan Fain
    Michael Pitt as Galad
    Charlie Hunnam as Gawyn
    Eva Green as Elaida
    Ron Perlman as Elder Haman
    Willem Dafoe as Elyas
    Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Lews Therin
    Sean Bean as Tam
    Ray Winstone as Bran
    Colm Meaney as Cenn Buie
    Guy Pearce as Logain
    Crispin Glover as Mazrim
    Peter Stormare as Agelmar
    Mark Strong as Ingtar
    John Hawkes as Hurin
    Talulah Riley as Lanfear
    Kerry Washington as Semirhage
    Amber Heard as Graendal
    Michael Wincott as Demandred
    Vlad Kulich as Sammael
    James Purefoy as Asmodean
    Javier Bardem as Rahvin
    Ian Holm as Be'lal
    Rutger Hauer as Aginor

    That's just a few (amazing how many characters there are, isn't it?), but I like your picks as well. Good show.

  106. Sean Bean needs to be one of the forsaken who die lol he needs to live on his legacy

  107. I have to agree with Olivia Wilde as moraine, or even Nynaeve

  108. mostly good choices except jahar narishma has to be as pretty as a girl with very big eyes. taylor lautner has no eyes.

  109. Some very good choices.. But I think Daniel Craig is more suitable for Sammael than Lews Therin.

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  111. Mostly REALLY good casting ideas. But Amys? Oh heavens NO, NO NO! And I think Olivia Wilde would be good as several people. She is very versatile... and Lucy Lawless obviously could not be 2 characters... Also, Iam Somerhalder would be great as Mat. :-) A few other minor problems, Milla Jovavich has been mentioned, but I think she would be a great addition to the cast. Not quite sure as to who, but she is amazing, and also is a versatile actress.


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  114. Christopher Lee would be better suited as Niall because he isn't so wide eyed. He has an air of rigidity required for the character. He isn't a pushover. Pedron Niall is a battle hardened commander. Granted, he is aged, but he is sharp. He can command with his eyes alone.

    1. I posted ^.

      I would also like to point out that Angelina is now way to old for that part and I remember Asmodian being described as older and somewhat sickly at some point... possibly a disguise he weaved.

    2. Sorry disregard... I see too many that don't fit the role. Some seem to be based on looks and some on talent. This cast is way off.

    3. Sorry disregard... I see too many that don't fit the role. Some seem to be based on looks and some on talent. This cast is way off.

  115. Ian Somerhalder would be a better Galad and Egeanin is black, too.